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7:47am 06-25-2019
Angela Williams
Can't wait to see my beautiful family
6:59am 06-25-2019
BJ Jenkins
2019 - Summer Greetings!!!

1. Missing YOU
1:01pm 06-14-2019
Maurice Jenkins
A friend of marvin Rupert for over 40years
10:25pm 04-06-2019
Wilbert Jenkins Jr
Descendants of Anthony and Barbara Jenkins if you are seeking higher education and in need of assistance now is the time to compete for the family scholarship. Please read the requirements on the family website. We also have a Go Fund Me account for donations. PLEASE DONATE
6:44pm 02-11-2019
Latonya Mclin
My grandfather's name was Woodrow Jenkins,his father was Curtis Jenkins
10:17am 12-13-2018
Isaiah Humphrey
My great great grandmother name was sally jenkins. She had a son William Brown whom was married to Mamie Williams(Brown). Trying to see if there is a family connection that you may be aware of?
2:39pm 08-30-2018
Angela Williams
I apologize I didn't make it to this year's reunion but will be ready for next year's. Love all of you
2:19pm 08-30-2018
Tonetta B Jenkins
Birthday 08/14/1963 I have 5 children 15 grandchildren and 1 great grandson daughter of Tommie Lee Jenkins I really enjoyed Las Vegas can't wait for reunion in 2019 I love all my people and nothing you can do about it
5:28pm 07-11-2018
Rowland Jenkins
My son (Edward) and I will be at the Las Vegas reunion this year. Hope to see you there!
9:35pm 04-22-2018
Corrie Jenkins Newki
So sorry, yet very happy at the same time. We will not be able to attend this years reunion. However, If it is HIS will. Honored to spend 92nd birthday with my father Willie Jenkins and family in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.
3:14pm 04-19-2018
William Dew
2018 JFR will take place at the Flamingo Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas

3555 Las Vegas Boulevard, South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
1:38pm 02-09-2018
Letitia Jenkins
Looking forward to the 2018 Family Reunion In Las Vegas-keeping our Family strong and Together.
12:05am 07-22-2017
Patricia Allen Walk
Birthday july,,29th
Britney Williams Daughter July 26th
Birthday, Autumn, (Granddaughter August 10.
8:38pm 07-21-2017
Tamamiea Jenkins
Hi Looking for my relative in charge of the Chicago family reunion in August hope everything got the payment. We are all looking forward to coming. My mother is Debbie (Jenkins)Record. Please email me or contact at 3137587721.
9:10pm 05-01-2017
Rodney Jenkins
Hello Jenkins Family!
I'm from East St Louis, my parents names are Anthony & Barbara Jenkins...
I've never been to a Reunion, hopefully this year I can bring my family to connect with the rest of our family!
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